Human torture at unimaginable levels
Some of the Children used in Medical Experiments During 1944–1945 (Source: Jewish Virtual Library)


azi medical experiments in concentration camps affected a wide range of prisoners like Jews, Roma, Poles, Russians, but also German people with various disabilities. The experiments can be divided into several categories according to the reason why they were performed. Some had tried to reinforce the idea that the Aryan race is superior to all others, others were made to provide information to the military about the resilience of the human body in various conditions, while some prisoners were used as guinea pigs for various drugs.

There had also been medical experiments that had no real purpose but were born only out of pure sick curiosity of those who performed and conducted them such as finding a cure for homosexuality or injecting substances into the eyes of detainees to change the color of the iris.

There is a misconception that all these abominable things happened only in the Auschwitz camp under the command of Dr. Josef Mengele. Nothing more false! Various experiments on detainees were carried out in all camps. Those who were experimented on did not express a desire to participate voluntarily in experiments but were chosen on various criteria and constrained by the doctors who led these real tortures. Also, the detainees were never informed which experiments they would participate in, and the results most often consisted of the death, disfigurement, or amputation of the participants.

After the war, the crimes performed by these doctors were tried separately in the Nuremberg Trials that went down in history as the Doctors Trial. It should be noted that Dr. Josef Mengele never arrived in front of a panel of judges, he managed to escape at the end of the war to Argentina as many historians choose to believe.


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