Romans had their own LSD. Women knew the morning-after pill. Marcus Aurelius was an opium addict.


Dreamfish Dreamfish (Latin: Sarpa salpa). Image:

Romans used to eat specific fish at their parties to get high. Fish was called Salema porgy fish or dreamfish (Sarpa salpa) and can be found in the Mediterranean. When eaten, it has hallucinogen effects, including auditory and visual hallucinations with lucid nightmares for several days after. Hallucinations start two hours after ingestion and last up to three days.

Dreamfish was the Roman version of LSD.

Dreamfish is called “the fish that make dreams” in Arabic. The reason for hallucinogenic effects is that dreamfish feeds on certain types of algae or phytoplankton which makes the fish meat hallucinogenic.

Dreamfish need to eat a big amount of these types of algae in order to have a hallucinogenic effect.

Roman lived in harmony with the nature around them and had extensive knowledge about plants and animals in their surroundings. This amazing fact enabled them to recognize the unexpected benefits of dreamfish.


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