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Shoes on the Danube - Budapest, Hungary

Shoes on the Danube - Budapest, Hungary

Strolling down the edges of Danube, travellers will stumble upon the memorial for Jews massacred by Arrow Cross Party whose ideologies were similar to Hitler’s.

The organisation terrorised Jews in Budapest by slaughtering, beating and exiling them out of Hungary.

The Danube River witnessed the holocaust atrocities when approximately 20,000 Jews who were shot point blank at the edge of the river. The Jews were forced to take off their shoes only to be shot at the back by the firing squad. The bodies then fell into the river to be washed away, which was a common practice in 1944-1945.

Shoes on The Danube consists of 60 pairs of 1940s shoes made from iron as memorial. Sculptors Can Togay and Gyula Pauer created the shoes in varied styles: men’s loafers, women’s heels and even tiny shoes of children to depict that no one was spared from the horror.


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