Sentenced to 15 years of prison at the age of 92
Baba Anujka

Would you or anyone think that such a cute little granny would be able to kill a bee, let alone 150 people? She was arrested twice, escaping most of the charges in the absence of evidence. She had been active for half a century and it is believed that she had killed over 150 people. The most feared assassin in Europe was a grandmother from Serbia, known as Baba Anujka.

People from distant lands resorted to Grandma Anujka for medicine. She liked to brag that her treatments never failed, that even aristocrats were looking for her to cure small daily inconveniences. What is imperative to mention is that she also offered a very special service. For a sufficient sum, Grandmother Anujka also prepared the cure to “remove” a person who had become uncomfortable. Its victims were always men, who left this world somehow unnoticed, several days after the administration of the poison.


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