7 Habits I Avoid to Become Highly Productive
7 Habits I Avoid to Become Highly Productive
Cutting these things helped me boost my productivity.

If you’re reading this, there are a million-and-a-half things you want to do: Build your business, exercise more, spend more time with friends and family, read more books, etc.

So how do you pack that into a 24-hour day that’s already occupied with sleeping and eating?

While most people try to become more productive by adding things, I’ve discovered it's far easier to start by subtracting what kills productivity in the first place. Because when you look at highly productive people, even though they’re in different industries with different workflows, they always avoid key mistakes that sabotage everyone else.

If you’re ready to skyrocket your productivity to get more done than ever before, avoid these 7 specific habits. Once you get rid of them, you can see your productivity grow rapidly.

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