Very Haunted Moosham Castle In Unternberg, Austria
Very Haunted Moosham Castle In Unternberg, Austria
Moosham Castle, or the Schloss Moosham, of Austria has a dark history entwined with the European witch hunts.

The fortress was first documented in an 1191 deed, and received its name from the Moosheim family, who inherited the castle during the 13th century.

But by the 17th century, the people of Austria were subjected to a series of witch hunts, which culminated in the Salzburg Witch Trials. Hundreds of people were accused of witchcraft, mostly women, and a lot of those were paupers and peasants, and were said to have been brought to Moosham Castle where they were imprisoned and tortured. Some victims had their hands cut off and brandished with iron stamps before they were finally executed.

While those innocent people almost certainly were not supernatural beings, Moosham was involved with another creature of the uncanny: werewolves. These half-man, half-beast creatures were rumored to roam near the castle, supposedly evidenced by the inexplicable slaughter of deer and cattle found around the area in the 1800s.

With such a wicked history, it's no surprise that Moosham Castle is said to be haunted, likely by the ghosts of the victims who were tortured there. Visitors and staff who now work at the castle claim to have experienced inexplicable events while in the palace. Some report feeling a light touch or breath despite having no one by their side, hearing loud bangs and footsteps at night, and seeing sudden clouds of white mist.

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