Meet The Gettysburg Ghosts
Meet The Gettysburg Ghosts
It was nearly impossible to bury all the corpses that fell onto the battlefield, leaving some to say that their spirits still linger over a century later.

The Battle of Gettysburg was the Civil War’s grisliest, and the carnage it wrought is said to linger on the battlefield even today.

The battle began on July 1, 1863, when Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee confidently marched his troops through Pennsylvania, where they planned to launch an attack on Union forces. But miscalculations on the battlefield cost the Confederacy the fight — and many lives. A total of nearly 51,000 casualties were tallied by the end of the three-day battle.

Many of the dead had to be quickly buried near the battlefront. Although most of the dead were later moved for a proper burial, many were left behind. Ever since, there have been ghostly sightings of dead soldiers reported by locals and visitors. Some of these Gettysburg ghosts have even allegedly been captured on camera.

Indeed, just this past September in 2020, Greg Yuelling of New Jersey claimed to have captured two ghosts crossing the road in front of him as he passed through Gettysburg.

The town’s reputation as the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War has made it popular among both history buffs and fans of the supernatural, many whom have come to visit spots around town where the alleged hauntings have occurred.

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