The Birth of Vlad The Impaler
The Birth of Vlad The Impaler
The Battle That Left 23,884 People Impaled and Gave Birth To Vlad The Impaler

Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453 which immediately — and permanently — changed the global power dynamics. After the Turks had Constantinople firmly under their control, they set out to secure the surrounding lands including the Balkans and the lands bordering the Black Sea in the north.

One such land was the small kingdom of Wallachia. Wallachia was a land at a crossroads that lay in what is present day Romania north of Bulgaria. They were hemmed in by the surging Hungarians, the upstart Ottomans and the warlike Saxons. This created a land of hearty and hardened people who did not back down from a fight.

This was the land that Vlad the Impaler ruled over.

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