Historic Towns to Visit in the UK
Historic Towns to Visit in the UK
The UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England) has many historic towns and here is a brief overview to whet your fancy.

1. Caernarfon - Wales

Caernarfon - Wales

UNESCO recognised ‘The Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd’ as a World Heritage Site in 1986. This part of North-West Wales was fiercely independent in the late 13th century, when the Plantagenet rulers of England were extending their power across the UK. Local rulers refused to support king Edward I, leading to a huge military campaign to subjugate the Welsh. The result was the huge castles and walls of Conwy, Harlech, Beaumaris and, most impressive of all, Caernarfon. 

The huge castle at Caernarfon dominates the town and was the ruling centre for much of North Wales. More recently, it was here that the Prince Charles was named the Prince of Wales.

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